I’m a newlythirty-something living on the edge of the West Country in the UK with my brand new husband S and our cat Olivia. I spent the first half of my life here, and after sojourns in Hampshire, Cardiff and Toronto, have ended up coming back. It’s the home of cheddar cheese, cider and the Glastonbury Festival, so what’s not to like? I definitely don’t sound like Justin Lee Collins though (and you can hear the proof here).

S and I have been together for ten years, ever since our eyes met across a plate of bacon and eggs in a greasy spoon. He surprised me with an unexpected but highly romantic proposal in Barcelona in October 2009, and we got married almost exactly a year later.

Since graduating with not one but two English degrees, I spent seven years working for arts organisations, including theatres, a concert hall and a circus school, and used to praise my luck in finding a career where I could wear trainers to work, get free tickets for stuff and make things in schools. A lack of funding in the arts (I lost my job three times in three years), and a desire to do lots of different things, meant that after a spell of part time work alongside freelancing in a variety of guises, I ended up changing careers and moving into the world of writing and editing. I had a spell as a full-time editor on three craft magazines, and now I’m a 100% freelancer, working for the same publisher across its craft portfolio as well as editing a wedding magazine, writing features for a range of publications and and doing some other interesting side projects. This means that no two working days are the same: one minute I’m researching wedding dresses, the next writing copy about crochet patterns, before editing a report about the cost per teu of shipping chemicals across the world. I only started writing and editing professionally in 2010 so to have made this change is one of my proudest achievements. The other is passing my driving test: I won’t reveal how many attempts it took me!

This blog is about everything and nothing: I’ve talked about my experiences as a brace wearing adult, making Scrabble themed wedding invitations and other wedding decorations, hanging upside down on a trapeze, the DIY we did on our Victorian terraced house, my attempts at gardening and reasons for loving my adopted hometown of Bristol. I blog semi-anonymously, which is why there aren’t many photos of S or my family and friends, not just because I’m a raving narcissist.

In 2012 S and I packed our rucksacks and set off on a round the world trip for three months, visiting South America, Australia, Bali and India, which you can read about here and see photos of me looking unusually tanned. Olivia has just about forgiven us for abandoning her.

I like coffee, reading novels, the combination of pink and turquoise, red wine, sleeping, eating bacon and egg sandwiches, wearing hats, millionaire shortbread, dancing, playing the piano, dark Belgian beer, Canada and Canadians, lying in the park on a sunny day, turning recalcitrant copy into something readable, chocolate, trapeze, Chinese food, cinnamon raisin bagels and Frasier.

I dislike aniseed, Arts Council statistical returns, bad grammar, coriander, wearing woollen clothes, driving in the dark on country lanes, mopping the kitchen floor, liquorice, people who sit and touch the soles of their outdoor shoes, First bus company, unnecessary rudeness, coach journeys, gloss painting, fennel, the sound of balloons squeaking and watching football.

You’re likely to hear me say: “I’m going to have a cup of coffee and read my book”.

You’re unlikely to hear me say: “I’m just going for a run”.


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  1. Hello, Nice browsing through your blog!
    Reading your “about” and relating re: random themes and semi-anonymous angle! A bit the same here on the other side of the channel (www.eugeniestreet.wordpress.com)

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