In which there is a lot to catch up on


I’m sitting here looking out on a grey sky and with the leaves whirling off the trees, so it’s safe to say that autumn is most definitely here.

August, September and October passed in a haze of work — I’ve been mostly fully booked as a freelancer, to which, yay! — but also lots of much more fun things. We saw a comedy gig in the zoo, we watched one of the comedians from that gig (Adam Hills) film his television show The Last Leg a week later (stalker alert!), we went to the Edinburgh Festival for a week and saw a load more comedians. (No more Adam though, that would just be weird.)

While in Scotland we knocked off another off the Three Peaks, accompanied by my dad, and managed to be the highest people in the entire UK for a few minutes.


I also took part in my first ever official bike event, the Stroke Association’s 25/60/100 route in September. I went for the 25 miles, as I felt the latter two were a bit much for me, but the aim was for a sub 2 hours time. I didn’t quite make it but was near enough, and it got me my first ever medal for something sporty! Hat tip to S for moral support and buying me a very stylish cycling jacket, which has special back pockets and everything.


My freelancing has also given me the freedom to take some weekdays off and visit lovely people, so I’ve finally met two friends’ new(ish) babies, and spent a lovely weekend in the warm autumn sun in Oxford with my mom.


More friends’ babies were born, so more booties were made, and I’ve started knitting my first mini teddy bear in anticipation of the five babies already expected by more friends in 2016.

We celebrated five years of marriage by spending a weekend in Lyme Regis at an amazing cottage, which was part of an old Victorian estate that had its own private beach! We kept up with tradition and ate Italian, finding a lovely restaurant in Lyme where we toasted half a decade over Prosecco and scallops with butternut squash puree and melanzane parmigiana. Then a week later we got a final dose of sunshine via a week in Portugal, staying in a little wooden hut on a farm just outside Olhao, in which pastel de nata, books, beer, fish, a trip to Seville and swimming in the sea all delightfully featured.



We have also had an offer on our old house, and fingers crossed that everything should go through by Christmas, as it would be lovely to think that the new owners can start a new year in a new home.

And now it is late autumn, and winter is coming, but we have the woodburner so all is well.


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