In which those were the months that were: June and July edition



Trips, barbecues, picnics and birthdays… June and July had a great mix of fun stuff that was planned in plus some more spontaneous things.


Watched Jaws in the woods and Dirty Dancing in a hot tub
This summer is clearly a time of watching films in odd places. As part of a Two Wheeled Cinema event, we cycled over to Leigh Woods and watched one of S’ favourite films on a lovely warm night, while eating Munchies and cider on a picnic blanket. We then rode back in the dark through a deserted Ashton Court, which was eerie but quite beautiful. Dirty Dancing in a hot tub was as much fun as it sounds — six ladies in a hot tub, waiter service to bring drinks over, a room full of equally excited girls (plus a couple of boys) and then an 80s/90s music video party afterwards.

Went to Copenhagen
My Canadian friend Steph was out there with her family, so it was too good an opportunity to pass up meeting them and visiting another country at the same time. Plus it was the week before my birthday so I claimed it as an early present. It was very similar to S’ birthday jaunt to Amsterdam earlier this year — lots of cycling, nice beer, just in a lot warmer temperatures!
Turned 33
The sun (just about) shone on my birthday week (although it was super windy), so on the Saturday before I had a picnic in Queen Square followed by drunken pizza at Renatos, and then on my actual birthday, a Wednesday, I met some friends for dinner and lots of rose. S was supposed to be away that week on a cycling trip (with my blessing) but he broke his bike (oops) and so made an appearance on the actual day after all.
Celebrated a friend’s wedding
This was one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever been too, with lots of delicious food and a lovely Somerset location. As the bride is half Indian she had a sangeet (a traditional ladies’ henna event) the night before the wedding, where I had a gorgeous pattern put on my hand as part of the celebrations and ate an amazing curry cooked by her dad.
Had a reunion in the New Forest
Best friend Z was back for a bit from Australia, so we gathered a group of university and school friends and went on a mini break to a cottage in the New Forest for a weekend. Much fizzy wine was consumed (as a starter, four of us got through four bottles by 6pm on the Friday), we saw some super cute ponies and I got to hang out with some of my favourite people.
Spotted sheep in the city
Bristol is currently hosting a Shaun the Sheep trail, where individually decorated Shauns can be found dotted around. There are 70 to ‘collect’, so over the course of a bike ride two weeks ago we got 22, then we added another 12 to the mix last weekend in between buying nice coffee and eating tiffin.
Gone freelance!
And so far it’s going very well — I’ve learned a lot about gluten free cooking and papercrafting.

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