In which that was the month that was: March issue


Spring still feels a long way off as the weather this month, apart from one glorious weekend, has been chilly and grey. Today though, I finally wore my light jacket for the first time this year (albeit with a pair of wrist warmers and earmuffs) and smelt that scent in the air that announces yes, the season has definitely shifted on from winter.

So this month I have:

Enjoyed my first proper night’s sleep in twenty years

Farewell sleep apnoea — more on this to come!

Started hacking our garden into pieces

We’re extremely lucky in that we have 100ft of garden to play with, but we need to start from scratch by removing the huge amount of random rubbish, breaking up the acres of concrete and digging out the (mostly overgrown and wild) plants. Our neighbours on both sides did a dance of joy when S sawed down the leylandii that has been blocking their light for years. My friend and I also cleared more of our allotment (did I mention I now have a share in an allotment now? It’s very handily at the back of my house) and transplanted some raspberries, gooseberries and blackcurrants from our house to a new home there.

Celebrated my friend’s forthcoming wedding with a 30s style hen do in London

I wore a red satin dress I found secondhand on eBay for £15 which I adore (and am now looking for the next excuse to don it) and we had a vintage hairdresser style our hair — mine was Marcel-waved. We then aired our amazing ‘dos in a vintage club in London Bridge called Cecil’s, which is where I also went on a hen last year, and which I can thoroughly recommend — great music, fab outfits and a cocktail on arrival in an enamel mug.

Done a dolphin in the air

I’m top left!

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 13.32.37

Made my first crochet granny square

This was a lot easier than I thought it would be — I think, in a similar way that I found snowboarding easier than skiing, crocheting is more logical to me than knitting. But I did also knit yet more booties this month as well as two of my friends (and ex housemates) give birth, on the same day — what are the odds of that?


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