In which that was the month that was: February issue


IMG_20150220_234536599_HDR (2)

February has gone past in a lightning flash, probably due to the ridiculous amount of work I was doing until the 18th. I am very proud of having got six magazines to print in six weeks, however: that is definitely an entry for the CV. I saw one of them in the airport WH Smith yesterday which still gives me a little thrill.

So this month I have been…

Having (part one) of a balcony installed

Yes, finally! Good things come to those who wait, and we’ve been waiting a long time. Still no balustrade or steps, but the platform is built, so we can at least sit out there. As can Olivia, who finally has the height to lord it over Billy, her nemesis next door.

Hanging out in Amsterdam

Beer, bicycles and batter (pancakes and waffles, a tenuous B!) — a fab three days away and lovely to travel to another country.

Seeing one of my best friends

B made a last minute decision to come over for the weekend from Berlin, so I took a (deserved!) day off work to enjoy three days of hanging out with her. Her being seven months pregnant meant the pace was a little slower than normal, but the coffee and chat was as good as always.

Enjoying lots of flowers

IMG_20150220_085814 (2)IMG_20150217_091125 (2)

Our old neighbours came round for dinner and bought us a beautiful orchid which is making me smile every time I see it. Daffodils have started to appear in the shops so I’ve been buying them for work and for home, and B bought us a tray of three pink hyacinths that will soon be perfuming the house with the scent that always heralds spring for me.


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