In which that was the month that was: January issue


2015-01-23 08.12.44 (2)

I know there’s still a week to go of January, but I’m unlikely to get any time to write a blog post next week. After going back to work after Christmas, I had five magazines to get to print before 18th February, so it’s been a bit of a manic few weeks to say the least. One has now gone, one is imminent, and luckily there’s not been too much stress, but it does mean that after writing copy all day the last thing I really want to do is write more. But I’m at home in my new study, enjoying people watching from my window, so it’s nice to have a break from weddings and cakes and knitting to write something random.

So this month I’ve…

Conquered a bunch of trapeze moves

After taking so much time off from trapeze last year, it’s been lovely to get my strength and skills back in the last few weeks, and I’m finding that things are coming quite easily at the moment. I’ve finally mastered a one legged monkey roll – something I first tried years ago, but failure meant I always avoided doing it. Now, however, I’m twirling round that bar like a demon. I’ve almost, almost done an unassisted back balance too.

Got obsessed with Bon Iver

Late to the party I know, but Holocene has been on constant repeat on both Spotify and in my head. So beautiful.

Debated doing the Tour de Bristol

Organised by local charity St Peter’s Hospice, this is a 30, 50 or 70k bike ride at the end of March. One of things I wanted to achieve in 2015 was to take part in an organised ride, and this sounds like it would be ideal. S is happy to accompany me (although the distance is a mere walk in the park for him) and is encouraging me to push myself and do the 50k rather than the 30k, which I know I could do without too much effort.

Continued crossing off items on the snagging list

The study now has shelves, I’ve bought very pretty Mexican tiles to tile our dining room fireplace and I’ve officially become middle aged by getting excited about buying a steam mop! We’re also the proud owners of a new kingsize bed that’s arriving today, meaning that our old bed is being moved to the spare room and we have the novelty of being able to provide guests with a proper bed, rather than reaching for the airbed and pump whenever anyone comes to stay. We really are grown ups!


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