In which we have a new house


There has been a somewhat deafening silence on this blog of late, mostly because my days have been consumed with last minute DIY and packing. Because, finally, we’re in our new house, after ten months, seven trades, eight rooms and more trips to B&Q than I can count! It was a lot of hard work, but so worth it.

Olivia is now settled in, after a two week imprisonment during which she wasn’t nearly as grumpy as I thought she would be. The two cat flaps and tunnel made of four extenders she has to use in order to exit the house aren’t her favourite, nor is Billy, her doppelganger next door who has already ambushed her in the garden, but she loves sitting on the bedroom windowsill and taking in the view.


S and I have also settled in well, despite the extra five minute walk to work and the station that the new house entails. For the fact that our bikes are now out of the house and in the cellar, I’ll take a longer commute. And S has celebrated his new storage space with the purchase of yet another bike (n+1 is the magic formula!).

We’re still unpacking the two spare rooms and the balcony is yet to be built (touch wood it will be up by the end of the month), but as soon as all these are complete, I will definitely be posting some photos.


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