In which there is a lot of white paint


Go to the office, come home, eat a quick dinner, head over to the other house, paint. Repeat. At weekends, remove the office, add in more painting. That’s been our life for the past month, as we’ve gone through 100 litres of paint and given each room three coats of emulsion and gloss.

But, but the end is in sight. The bathroom is complete, and the white Metro tiles with black grout look fab and give it a vaguely Art Deco air, which fits in well with the 30s style of the house. The majority of the emulsion-ing is now finished, and my parents are lending a hand this weekend to knock the glossing on the head. The kitchen has been delivered and is residing in the garage, ready for fitting next month. (Finally, finally we have a dishwasher- roll on it being plumbed in!) We’ll be hiring a sander next weekend and transforming the floors, and then when we return from our (much looked forward to and needed) holiday to Croatia in September, we’ll be putting the finishing touches to rooms, such as building floating shelves, restoring the original Bakelite door handles and getting everything clean, ready to move in.


The new bifolds with our glorious view


Woodburner, new hearth, fresh plaster, coat no. 3

And we should find out next Monday about whether our balcony is approved, so please send prayers to the planning gods for a successful outcome. Otherwise it’s a big drop out of those bifold doors!


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