In which there are things that have happened recently


 – I turned 32, complete with two nights out with friends, a delicious meal with my parents, flowers, cava, a chocolate birthday card (excellent invention!) and not one but two new pairs of sunglasses.

 – Our friends got married on one of the sunniest days of the year in a pretty Hampshire church. There were many hats (including my own), and then we drank pink fizz at a tithe barn while listening to a traditional jazz band. Very English, very lovely.


My hat on our hatstand which our friend borrowed for the occasion

 – We booked our flights for our big summer holiday, ten days in Croatia and Montenegro in August-September. Our rough itinerary is a couple of days at Lake Plitvice, couple of days in Dubrovnik, a week driving around Montenegro. If you have any tips or must-sees let me know!

 – I started a new job, swapping cross stitching for cakes and knitting. I’ve therefore spent the past two weeks getting very, very hungry whilst cooing over pictures of cute babies in jumpers.

 – Over at the new house we built an internal wall, replaced skirting boards and sent off our planning permission for the balcony. And picked about half a hundredweight of raspberries from the now jungle-esque garden.


 – Enjoyed the glorious June weather that we’ve been treated to, by having dinner in the garden, drinking cider by the water and going canoeing in Lansdowne Harbour (accidentally sunburning my knees at the same time, oops.)


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