In which there are a thousand lightbulbs and twenty six huge generators, AKA carnival time


My corner of the internet has been sadly neglected of late, due to a combination of that winter laziness you get when the nights draw in, and also having a lot of stuff to deal with, mostly in relation to our new house. As with our purchase seven years ago, buying a house is never easy and always takes longer than you think it should. Everything was going quite swimmingly until we came across some issues last week when the searches were returned, and now have to wait for a fortnight while things are sorted. I won’t go into the boring details which involve an issue that, bizarrely, is local only to Bristol, Manchester and South Wales, but needless to say I’ve had to devote more headspace to covenants and the law of freehold than I really ever wanted to.

Work has also been super busy, although we are thankfully now out of the Christmas period – I was getting a little bit sick of writing festive cover lines and coming up with pudding-related puns. I’m actually now commissioning stitching for our June issue! Magazine time is so different to real time, it’s hard to remember sometimes that Christmas hasn’t already been and gone.

It hasn’t all been housing dilemmas and festive stitching, however. Last weekend we took S’ parents to Glastonbury carnival, where we treated them to a curry before treating them to two hours of carnival, West Country style. My in-laws are from Yorkshire and live in Staffordshire so this was a sight they’d never even heard of before, let along seen, so were suitably impressed. Although who wouldn’t be by the sight of lifesize mechanical buffaloes? My prediction that the banning of filament light bulbs would lead to a proliferation of low energy bulbs and mass buzzing was proved wrong, as it turns out carnival clubs have been stockpiling the old bulbs and clearly have enough to last a good few years! There were some LE bulbs in the float roofs, but for the most part the heat was undimmed.






When the first big float went by I had a wave of sadness as I thought of Nan – it was always her and Grandad’s house where we went to for carnival, as I’ve written about here – and it took me a few minutes to get back to the moment. But carnival is definitely one of my happy places and it never, ever fails to put a smile on my face and joy in my heart. I’m glad S and I are building new traditions on top of a favourite one from my childhood.

I will leave you with a photo of my new scarf, which is one of the best things I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. My very talented mother in law knitted it for me after I saw the pattern in a magazine at work, and I absolutely love it. What better way is there to brighten up the cold morning walk to work than having a fox to keep you company?



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