In which there is a continental road trip


In what seems to be spectacularly bad timing on our part – what with the heatwave that is currently sweeping the UK, the South West in particular – we are off on holiday tomorrow. We’ll start with a catch up with my best friend Z in Hampshire (over in the UK on a whirlwind trip from Oz), which is the best way to kick off a holiday, in my opinion. There will then be a ferry ride and drive to reach Alpe d’Huez, where we’ll be spending a week in a chalet with a group of eight other people. The order of the day for the majority of them will be road and mountain biking, but I will mostly spend my time in the hot tub, glass of wine in one hand, book in the other, cheese on a plate on the side. There’ll also be the opportunity to indulge my new found love of the Tour de France, which is finishing and starting stages from the top of the mountain.

9 balcony

Photo from here

Then, after the Alps, there will be four days in Bruges, in a gorgeous house we’ve rented through Air BnB, where I intend to consume vast quantities of Belgian beer, chocolate and chips with mayonnaise. My only knowledge of the city comes from the Colin Farrell film, so I’m hoping for less bloodshed and swearing, and more reading books in coffee shops. I think this should be the case.

It’s been a bit of a tough few weeks, due to work and family things, so I’m very much looking forward to doing, well, not a lot. It’s also a treat not to be flying with only a small EasyJet/Ryanair hand luggage allowance, so I’ve splurged and taken 4 pairs of shoes with me. Oh, the extravagance!

When I come back I have an entire wedding magazine to get to print in under a fortnight, but that’s a different story…


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