In which there are things I’m loving, May edition

  • My new job: the people are really friendly, the office is a crafter’s heaven, and the work is very interesting. I’ve learned more InDesign in a fortnight than in the previous two years!
  • S’ homemade butternut squash and chorizo soup. It’s May but it’s still flipping cold!
  • Finally christening our new tent, eighteen months after buying it, with a trip to North Wales. Stunning scenery, excellent company and a tent so large we could fit ourselves, a bike, all our gear and still have room to host a dinner party, should we so wish to. Plus it’s so large that there’s no way we can forget this one.
  • Giving in after ten years and going mountain biking with S. My trousers are not loving this so much: I managed to split my faithful outdoors pair right down the crotch after an ungainly dismount!
  • Planning more trips for this summer:  added to France and Germany is a visit to Ireland in June to catch up with German friend B and her husband.
  • My new Tom Ford lip shine, courtesy of a very nice wedding magazine beauty jolly one afternoon last month. Also loving: Estee Lauder Heat Wave shimmery powder.
  • Meeting our niece again, who’s now seven months old and very, very cute.
  • The prospect of another bank holiday in two weeks!

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