In which there are things I’m loving, part 1

  • Thursday night TV – new How I Met Your Mother followed by Nashville – great storylines and also great hair.
  • My Neutrogena Wave power cleanser – keeping my skin happy in this ever-continuing cold weather.
  • Lapsang Souchong tea – it’s smoky! And delicious!
  • S’ homemade fruitcake – we’ve had one on the go in the house since Christmas.
  • My new turquoise jeans – springtime colour even though spring itself seems to have got lost.
  • Instagram – just discovered it (late to the party, I know) and am loving it. I’m @westcountrypostcards if you want to come and see multiple photos of Olivia stalking things.
  • A Song of Fire and Ice – I’m currently half way through Book 3 and already impatient for George R R Martin to finish the series.
  • Having a haircut after five months – my hair is a lot easier to tame when it’s short.
  • Our new Tassimo coffee machine – we got it for free from our neighbour in return for selling a juicer for him on eBay.
  • Lie ins on a weekday – before they disappear next month!

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