In which glasses of port and Australian TV drama are getting me through January


Thanks goodness, we’re officially half way through January, a month that is never really the best, is it? I always feel sorry for those people whose birthday is this month, as all anyone seems to want to do is hole up and sit on their couch in PJs. I confess, I’ve been doing a lot of this, wearing the super comfy new flannelette pyjamas my in-laws bought me for Christmas. I’ve recently rediscovered Australian TV show The Secret Life of Us (which I remember watching about eight years ago on late night Channel 4 and which E4 is now repeating), as well as enjoying my latest book club choice, Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter. Although a lot of friends of ours are doing the January dryathlon, I’m afraid my willpower is not that great and I’ve been supping glasses of port alongside my lazing.

There has been some off-couch time though, as my fitness regime continues and I try to keep up the momentum. S bought me new goggles for Christmas and I treated myself to a Zoggs swim suit (as trying to do fast lengths in a bikini that’s losing its elasticity is never a good idea). Sadly the suit is a touch too small but I was too lazy to return it, so I figured it’ll be an incentive to tone up a bit! I also took to the woods for the first time ever on a bike, and actually quite enjoyed it in a oh-my-god, I’m-going-to fall-off-at -any-moment way. Being only semi-employed at the moment – S three days, me about 3.5 – means we have a lot of spare time for things like this, which I’m appreciating while I can as I know it won’t last. Our lack of full time employment also means the house has never looked cleaner.

January is also a good time for planning, and we’ve been doing a lot of that. We’ve booked flights for our friends’ wedding in Germany later this year, where we actually fly into Prague and then get all cosmopolitan and European-like by taking the train to Dresden. We’ve also been thinking about our trip to France in July and made the decision to tag a visit to Bruges onto the end of it, as it’s a place we’ve both wanted to visit for a while – beer, chocolate, historic buildings, it’s going to be good. Then there’s a big family reunion coming up this summer which is involving some Derbyshire cottage research to find a place large enough to house 19 people. And our goddaughter is having a pirate and princess birthday party next month so I’ve been enjoying thinking about my costume!

I’ll leave you with a picture of the sea and sky taken this weekend while at the lovely town of Clevedon. I got a smartphone for the first time ever in December, so I’m enjoying having a camera on hand to snap moments like this. Happy New Year!



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