In which we are back, slightly suntanned and complaining about the British weather


We are now home, after three months, ten countries, more banana pancakes eaten than I can count and a lifetime of memories.

I have come back refreshed and revitalised, with new ideas, thoughts and plans, as well as two journals detailing our experiences and  thousands of photos to sort. Unfortunately the UK is a lot colder – and a hell of a lot wetter – than 30 degree India, where we ended our trip, but we’re gradually acclimatising and getting used to wearing gloves at all times, instead of flip flops.

Olivia remembered us, thank goodness, and seems pleased to have us installed in the house again, heeding her whims for more Whiskas and strokes on demand.

I still want to write about the other countries we visited – the amazing food in Bali, the great time we had touring the Australian east coast in our be-flowered and be-butterflied camper van, the insanity of India and the efficiency of Singapore. As I’m only part employed at the moment, I have lots of time to get all the memories down before they start to fade.

And in the meantime, photos like this one help me when the British grey skies and rain get a bit too much.


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