In which there’s a week of endings


… my job: saying goodbye to this was a bittersweet experience. In many ways I’m glad to be gone as the organisation had fallen apart in the last few months, but there are some people there that I’ll really miss. I also realised on my last day that I’d been there for over three years, which is the longest I’ve ever worked for an organisation as an adult.

… a beloved author: Maeve Binchy is one of the writers I will always love and I was saddened to hear of her death last week. I go through phases where I’ll gorge on 3 or 4 of her books in a row, especially the ones with interlinked characters like Tara Road, Scarlet Feather and Evening Class. Circle of Friends is my go-to novel when I want the literary equivalent of carbs, a big bowl of something warm, comforting and delicious. 

… trapeze classes: I took part in my final one for a few months last Tuesday. I know that by the time I get back to them my strength will be a pale imitation of what it is now, but it’s an incentive to try and keep doing some floor-based exercises while we’re away. At least I ended on a triumphant high – learning how to do an upside down descent on a rope which is a really beautiful move. It also ended on nachos and raspberry chocolate cheesecake brownies in a local cafe!

… favourite shoes: my beloved Reef flip flops finally gave up the ghost after 8 years and at least 8 countries. I had hoped to show them a bit more of the world but it wasn’t to be, after the toe post pulled out en route to the park. I’m hoping their successors have as much longevity!


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