In which G&Ts, spas and festivals all combine to create a very lovely weekend


So July is whipping past in a haze of work, work and more work, plus moving offices – for the third time in three years! – which is involving a lot of crate packing, sorting and recycling. Not the best way to spend your days when the summer has finally decided to put in an appearance, so I will be very, very glad when it is all over.

It’s not all work though. I did get to do this…

and spend time here…

… during last weekend. The Bristol Harbourside Festival made its annual appearance, so Friday night saw me and friends enjoying the feel of sun on our shoulders and the taste of premixed G&T in a can, before I headed off to a 40th birthday, 80s themed party (complete with big earrings, a bow in my hair, sparkly blue eyeshadow and more bangles than you can shake a stick at). On Saturday  S and I bought arancini and tartiflette from the street food market, before walking down to the ss Great Britain and dangling our feet over the harbour’s edge, watching the boats glide past, talking about everything and nothing.

Sunday saw even more glorious weather, so what better way to spend it than in a rooftop pool with stunning views over the Bath countryside? As a belated 30th birthday present, I took my friend J to Thermae Bath Spa where, after a delicious lunch in a sun-dappled square complete with Spanish guitar music, we gently bobbed around the 35 degree water, and I felt a lot of the tension slide out of my shoulders. It did mean I missed watching the final stage of the Tour de France live, but hey, the steam room and relaxation I felt afterwards made up for that.

(As an aside, I have become strangely into the Tour de France this year. I flirted with it last year, starting to ask S questions as he watched the nightly highlights and learning about the different tactics, but this year I have watched every stage and – this is very odd – enjoyed every minute. I even started following the Guardian’s live blog in the afternoons when work was slow. I like to attribute Great Britain’s success in the Tour this year to my newfound interest.)

Finally, I shall leave you with what has to be one of my favourite photos of all time. Last week I did a photoshoot for the magazine – my first as the editor! – during which I had no idea this picture was taken, but I am so, so glad it was. Gotta love photobombs.


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