In which I rediscover my inner child, and eat yet more mini Easter eggs


Another weekend, another wedding. This marked my third this year and my seventeenth (!) in total – and that’s not including my own. I think it’s a self fulfilling prophecy: if you work for a bridal magazine, the wedding gods will throw opportunities into your path to attend them and put your newfound knowledge to use. It’s also providing me with endless “real weddings” for publication, which is making my editor very happy.

As with the wedding earlier this month, the bride and groom gave out mini creme and caramel eggs as favours, which were again gratefully received. Instead of canapes after the ceremony, there was the “icicle tricycle” – an ice cream freezer on the back of a beautiful old bike, manned by a gentleman wearing a red striped blazer and straw boater, dishing out delicious ice creams. There were also flakes, pieces of fudge, chocolate and strawberry sauce. It was heaven. Add that to the Pimms we were served in antique teacups, and you have a reception winner.

As another brilliant touch, there was a bouncy castle. I think this photo says it all:

I like jumping, I do

I may be thirty in just over seven weeks, but I will never miss an opportunity to have a go on a bouncy castle. Going on it alongside three 6 foot men, with a collective weight of 40 stone, also gave my bounces a certain extra height!

This weekend sees yet another opportunity for us to don our fancy frocks (well, me anyway) as it’s our godson’s christening, S’ cousin’s child. We were asked last year if we would stand up for him and, despite atheist/agnostic leanings on both our parts, we were honoured to be asked to play such an important role.  Godchildren are like buses, it seems; in the same way I waited until I was 23 to attend my first wedding, only to be followed by a nuptial onslaught, we’ve gained two godchildren at once, as we’ve also been asked to be ‘retrospective’ godparents to his sister. And in a similar way that working for a bridal magazine is useful when attending weddings, the review books cupboard at the children’s magazine I work for is proving very handy for Christmas and birthdays…


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