In which Easter is celebrated with a wedding, some DIY and lots of chocolate


Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post. Sharing the news definitely made it feel a lot more real! The plan at the moment is that I will aim to continue blogging en route;  internet cafes, wifi access and iPod Touch & WordPress compatibility withstanding.

We spent parts of our Easter break doing some Lonely Planet reading and adding to our Big Notebook O’Trip Planning, the pages of which are beginning to get filled with names of places we want to see and endless packing and to do lists. (I do love a good to do list.) I’ve now decided that Jodphur is a must and S got very excited by the thought of camel rides in the deserts of Rajasthan!  I would absolutely love to hear any recommendations you have, especially if they involve food – I think that’s the part I’m most excited about! Please send any suggestions to westcountrypostcards AT gmail DOT com, and then I can add them to the ever-expanding notebook.

As well as trip planning, the rest of our five days off was spent in a very good balance of getting things done around the house and glorious sloth. The getting things done included braving IKEA on Good Friday to buy a new bed, constructing said bed, deep cleaning the kitchen and repainting bits of the bathroom. The sloth part involved chocolate eggs, books and watching films through our swanky new-to-me-although-I-appreciate-it’s-not-new-really film purchasing service thingy through the TV. I also tried out several new recipes including chicken cacciatore, Punjabi chicken curry and the gloriously named snickerdoodles, after hearing Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character refer to them in 50/50. While the cookies themselves were a bit of a disappointment, it’s still the best name ever for baked goods.

We also snuck in an extra day of holiday at the start so we could attend the wedding of S’ university friend, over the border in Cardiff. I didn’t know this but Maundy Thursday is a day traditionally associated with love, so a wedding seemed a very appropriate thing to be doing. I wore a new dress, which was very turquoise and very swishy, and a feather hairclip (which drove Olivia mad with desire to hunt and kill it), and we danced and ate creme brulee cheesecake and caught up with old friends, which to me makes it a very good wedding indeed. The couple also won my admiration for making their favours Cadbury’s mini Creme and caramel eggs.

Chocolate, celebrations, time off… just what the doctor ordered. How was your Easter?


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