In which I drink rum from a shell and meet a cockerel called Gunther


The best thing about being the age I am right now is that there are lots of special occasions coming up that require a right good celebration. Weddings, thirtieth birthdays, hen dos… my diary has been full of lovely events over the past few months and I have a lot more coming up over the spring and summer.

Although a hen party virgin until 2009, I’ve now made up for this and have five of them under my belt, including one I went on this weekend. It was for a very dear friend from university, which meant there were lots of other old friends there, which in turn led to lots of catching up and reminiscing and gossiping.

We stayed in a cottage on a farm so there were lots of animals around, including a most handsome Rhode Island chicken called Gunther who had the most amazing tail feathers. He kept trying to come inside the cottage but although technically a hen as well, we felt he wouldn’t really be able to fully participate in the activities.

Gunther was most disappointed to find out he couldn't take part in the cheerleading session with us

We drank Pimms in antique teacups while wearing hats and pretty dresses…

… and then later on had rum and Amaretto cocktails from a shell, which has now spoilt me for any other drinking containers. Whenever I have a cocktail now, it’s got to be in a shell or it just ain’t happening.

It was lovely to hang out with friends and feel like I was twenty again, where getting dressed up and going out on a Saturday night was the norm, rather than a once-in-every-couple-of-months-if-that occasion as it is now. Although I love living with S, hen parties remind me how fun it is to live with girls: to get ready for a night out over a glass of wine while straightening each other’s hair and helping to decide outfits and accessories, and then the next day to lounge around in your pyjamas, drinking tea, nursing hangovers and dissecting what happened the night before. It’s even lovelier to know that friendships forged over a decade ago are just getting better and better. I’ve said it before: it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you saw a good friend, time just melts away and you pick up straight where you left off. And that makes me very happy.


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    • Cait – I’ve been thinking of recommendations for you after reading your post yesterday (In Cold Blood also gave me the creeps, and I’ve not yet mustered the courage for We Need To Talk About Kevin, although it’s been on the list for a while). Books I’ve read recently and loved were The Night Circus and Cloud Atlas. For sheer bonkers-ness and originality I recommend The End of Mr Y. And old favourites that are the equivalent of taking a warm bath are anything by Lisa Jewell (especially Vince and Joy), anything by Fannie Flagg (especially Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man) and anything by Maeve Binchy (especially Circle of Friends). Happy reading!

      • Oh thanks! I have read The Night Circus, and I recently got into Fannie Flagg with reading Fried Green Tomatoes and one more of hers I can’t remember the name of (about a real estate agent who’s lost her zest for life, then recovers it), but I haven’t read Daisy Fay or Miracle Man. Noted! And Maeve Binchy, I’ve never read anything of hers. Oversight! Must rectify. These are great suggestions and I will look at all of them.

        Thank-you so much 🙂

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