In which there is February so far in bullet points

  • The month has so far been all about the cooking. S’ birthday involved making two dishes I’ve not done before (salted caramel brownies and beetroot tart tatin) and then the very next day we started on food to take to our friend’s 30th birthday weekend in West Wales. A picnic pie, chocolate chunk cookies and a carrot cake made the cut, although the caramel apple cake we initially made as her birthday cake turned out to be a flat failure and was therefore relegated to home consumption.
  • The way to my man’s heart was to buy him the Tintin TV series boxset. It brought back some very happy childhood memories.
  • I’m co-ordinating another photoshoot tomorrow and I’m very excited about the theme – think Georgian manor setting with lace dresses, pearls, cameos, gloves, parasols and afternoon tea. I’m not excited about the weather which is predicted to be 1 degree and cloudy.
  • I did this last night. But without the lunge. What doesn’t kill you, eh?
  • Turns out it wasn’t food poisoning after all, but something like norovirus – ten other wedding guests apparently had as bad a night of it as we did.
  • Olivia has taken a fancy to our fringed table cloth and keeps attacking it. The cold weather has made her a bit wussy about going out so she is venting her frustration at a lack of frisking on our interiors. Our sofa will never be the same again.

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  1. I’m sorry to read your trip to Germany was slightly spoiled by the norovirus.

    Have you got a scratching pad for Olivia? One of our cats liked to scratch but when we bought him a braided coir welcome mat and taught him to scratch there by miming the activity ourselves and putting him on it whenever he scratched elsewhere, he actually got the message. Not sure what might help for her fascination with the tablecloth… ah, the joy of kittens. 🙂

    And salted caramel brownies sound divine!

    • We bought Olivia a scratching pad as soon as we got her, and she loves using it, but annoyingly she loves our sofa and tablecloth more. I guess we just need to bribe her to use it more by rubbing it with catnip…

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