In which we attend a wedding in the snow


Well, embarrassingly, the Branston did get confiscated at 5am. Luckily the security agent had a good sense of humour and didn’t make us feel too bad, although she did comment on the weight of my suitcase which I got a bit miffed about – I  pride myself on always packing lightly and the only reason it was heavy was that it had S’ stuff in it too, plus two pairs of formal shoes.

But condiment issues aside, the wedding was amazing. The ceremony was held in a little castle, or schlossen, next to a lake at the foot of the Alps. It had snowed the night before so everything was dusted in white icing sugar. The whole scene was  incredibly peaceful and serene.

After the ceremony, we went back to Munich for much feasting and dancing and merriment and speeches that we couldn’t understand but didn’t need to. I’ve never felt so much love and emotion in a room before.

The next day we got up at 10am, despite only having had 6 hours sleep the night before and 3 before that, and headed across the border to Salzburg. There was a distinct lack of chocolate pretzels on offer but we did hunt down some topfenstrudel and sachertorte in a three hundred year old tearoom. I sang “I have confidence”, S tried to disown me, and we saw more Mozart chocolates than you could shake a stick at.

The next 48 hours I will gloss over, however, as we contracted virulent food poisoning after dinner on Sunday evening and the rest of our time in Germany passed in a haze of illness, yet more sleep deprivation and lack of food. I’m happy to report that we are now back to full health, after existing for 3 days only on toast, and luckily just in time for S’ birthday meal tonight. The curse of the birthday illness has fortunately come early this year, meaning we can indulge in salted caramel brownies and beetroot tart tatin to our hearts’ content.


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  1. When I visited years ago, I, too, ran around singing “I Have Confidence,” particularly when we saw the fountain in the Residenzplatz, where I insisted on splashing the horses like Maria does in that scene. So I totally understand that inclination.

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