In which I attempt to smuggle Branston pickle into Germany


Tomorrow morning we leave for Germany for B’s wedding, which I’m very excited about. What I’m not excited about, however, is the hour at which we have to get up. Because we can’t fly from Bristol to Munich we have to go to Gatwick, so an already early flight and therefore early rising time becomes even earlier, resulting in the fact that we have to leave our house at stupid o’clock. Specifically 2am, a time of night I associate more with crashing into bed rather than getting out of. I did wonder whether it was worth bothering with sleep but I’m such a horrible morning person that I think even four hours is preferable to none.

Amongst the items nestled in my suitcase that you’d expect to be taking for a city wedding taking place in the middle of winter (nice dress, legwarmers, thermal longjohns, boots) there are some you wouldn’t: specifically a large jar of Branston pickle, a copy of The Times and a bag of Sainsbury’s no added sugar fruit and nut muesli. We’re renting out the apartment of a guy in Munich via Air BnB and on hearing we were coming from the UK, he asked if we could bring some items over. I’m a little unsure about whether Branston pickle is classified as a liquid or a solid when it comes to flying regulations, and a poll in the office and a call out on Twitter didn’t yield any definitive information either. Since we’re only taking hand luggage I sincerely hope it’s considered the latter, otherwise it’s going to be quite embarrassing to have a condiment confiscated at 5am.

I also have answer sheets and questions for our pub quiz contribution to the reception. We had a lot of fun one Friday a couple of weeks ago, setting the questions while drinking Prosecco to get us in the wedding mood. German people’s language skills continue to amaze me – the whole quiz is going to be in English, and it not being in English was never even an option. We have made sure it’s German-focussed, however, so there are  questions relating to Sissi and Ludwig II and Karl May. And beer, naturally.

Since we’re so close to the border with Austria and S still hasn’t been there, we’re  also going to take the train to Salzburg on Sunday. I visited back in 2010 and so have made all The Sound of Music references already, but I am excited about eating more topfenstrudel and chocolate & jam pretzels.

If you happen to be up around 5am tomorrow, spare a thought for us weary travellers, fuelled only by coffee and the adrenaline rush from attempting to smuggle pickle across international borders.


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