In which Olivia enters, stage right


Olivia, meet the internet.

Internet, meet Olivia.

After five years of talking about it and two spells of cat-sitting family pets, we finally made the decision, walking home a little tipsily from the pub two weeks ago, that we were going to adopt a cat. The very next day we made a trip to the RSPCA in Bristol, then the one in Bath, then back to Bristol a few days later, where we met Olivia. One home check from the RSPCA later, she came home on Tuesday. We did debate changing her name but Olivia seems to suit her.

This is one of only a few photos we’ve managed to get, none of which are great quality, but that’s because she doesn’t sit still long enough at the moment to guarantee a good shot. There’s far too much to see and sniff.

Olivia was found abandoned with her kittens about a month ago. The kittens have all found homes and luckily she wasn’t in the shelter too much longer. They estimate her to be between 1 and 3 years old but after watching her insatiable appetite for string chasing, I would say she’s no older than a year. She’s also still quite small, with very dainty features and a thin tail. She chirrups a lot, and like Monty before her, has staked the papasan chair as hers. She already has S wrapped around her little paw and I’m not far behind.


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  1. Belated, belated comment here to welcome the adorable Olivia! Having a kitty is so fun – they work their way into your heart pretty quickly.

    Sadly I just had to move my two cats to their new forever home since they aren’t coming to England with us, and we are absolutely heartbroken.

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