In which there is the fruit of my labour


This was worth all the late nights, the trek across Bath carrying heavy dresses, the endless to-do lists and the worry that the wedding cake would melt during the weekend it was sitting in my bath tub.

I am a very, very proud mama.

(Even with the typesetting error in the introduction.)


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  1. It looks amazing! Well done, you should be very, very proud.

    Also, I love the blog makeover! Sorry if I’m way behind, I normally read in my google reader so I miss out on everyone’s pretty pages – must make more of an effort to click through…

  2. Also, this is completely unrelated, but have you ever tried Thistly Cross cider? Maybe you only drink exclusively West Country cider, but if you feel like branching (ha ha – branch, apples, geddit? Ahem.) out into other areas of the UK, it’s well worth a try. It’s made close to where my parents live and it is YUM. Especially the stuff that is really strong but tastes like apple juice and gets you hammered. Dangerous.

    • Thanks for your kind words on both the magazine and the makeover! (I only did the makeover yesterday so you’re bang on.)

      West Country ciders do have a special place in my heart but I’m always open to trying new ones. I shall keep an eye out for Thistly Cross – there’s a couple of cider bars in Bristol who may well stock it. Thanks for the tip!

    • Thanks for all your kind words guys!

      Em – I picked up the (polystyrene base but real chocolate decorations) cake on Friday but the shoot wasn’t til Monday, so I had to keep it safe over the weekend. I popped it in the bathtub out of harm’s way, but because we went away to Devon I was worried that the chocolate on the cake would melt as it was in direct view of the window!

  3. Hi Helen – the new digs look great; the masthead is awesome! It sounds like the wedding folio planning and effort probably rivaled your own wedding, but the results is fantastic. Is there an online version published anywhere? I’d love to read the rest. Great job!

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