Postcard from our holiday


Germany was herrings in cream sauce and laughing with good friends and swimming in a lake and lunch outside in the sunshine with cheeky finches and Amarol cocktails and volleyball in the park and Champagne and Turkish food and spending time with people we love.

Poland was getting to know a new country and pierogies and beer and hiking in the Tatra mountains and One Day and long train rides and cobbled city squares and ornamental clocks with goats that locked horns and time together.

The photos above were bought in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin; we came across a suitcase full of them outside a photographic shop. It always makes me sad to think of people’s precious photos ending up being sold to strangers, but at least we’ve given a few of them a good home.

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  1. Old photos are always such a find. Who were they, you know? Will our photos be for sale on sidewalks one day? Or, I suppose, in digital suitcases?

  2. Your holiday sounds lovely and those antique photos are very sweet. I was lucky enough to have a genealogy
    -buff cousin that digitised a bunch of old family photos and sent me copies. What a treasure trove!

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