In which I am…


… bruised, aching and covered in rope burns after my first proper trapeze class in five months, but happy to be all of the above. It’s great to be back up in the air and learning new things.

… missing S who is away in Manchester on work all this week.

… wishing the rain would take a running jump. IT’S JULY, BRITISH WEATHER.

… rapidly losing all faith in newspapers, what with obnoxious Daily Mail headlines, phone hacking allegations and insensitive comments from journos on Twitter.

… trying to learn how a few basic Polish phrases for use on holiday next week. It’s a language really far removed from any I know, however, so I think my vocab is going to be limited to “hello”, “goodbye”, “I’d like two coffees please” and “may I have a beer?” This still puts me way ahead of my brother, who despite living with his Polish girlfriend for the past five years only knows the words for “squirrel” and “thank you”.

… attempting to eat a very large pack of cherry tomatoes entirely by myself over the next two days (reason being points 2 and 5 above).

… really looking forward to our trip and getting away for a while. Bring on the beer and pierogies!


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