In which there is an epiphany


I have had an epiphany.

It’s nothing too profound, but it is life changing.

It’s a risotto epiphany.

I found a recipe last week for a courgette risotto and thought that since I had all the ingredients to hand – in a rare, stars-aligning-themselves moment – I would give it a try.

It led me to the secret of the perfect risotto and it is this.

Butter. Lots and lots of butter. Namely, 75g per person.

I have always been OK at cooking risottos, but I always felt that there was something missing. This, my friends, is it. The magic ingredient that brings everything together into creamy, delicious, hangs-off-your-fork-in-perfect-strands harmony.

Now I feel duty bound to share this with the world.

You’re welcome.

(You can find the recipe here that set me off on the life-changing pathway.)


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  1. I do love a nice risotto and I’ve tried making it a couple of times, but was always disappointed by the results. I should try it now that you’ve provided the secret to success. Also, the husband grows courgettes and those little demon plants just won’t quit, so it’s always nice to find a recipe that uses them. Thanks for sharing!

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