In which there is a truth universally acknowledged…


… that tomato based dishes always taste better the next day.

… that you can never pluck your eyebrows without sneezing.

… that it is impossible to walk down the street whilst eating a Calyppo or similarly-shaped ice lolly and not get some really dirty looks from men.

… that if you pop into the supermarket to pick up one specific item, you  will leave with a basketful of things but no trace of the item that sent you in there in the first place.

… that if you wear an item of white clothing you will get food on it within an hour.

… that the Holy Trinity of contentment is a cup of coffee, a cake and a  good book.


One response »

  1. – Definitely.

    – Never noticed the sneezing, what with all the wincing and tears.

    – So true. That is exactly why I restrict my ice-lolly licking to the privacy of my own home.

    – This is my usual M.O. at The Dollar Shoppe… but I’m pretty focused on the grocery run.

    – Also true of khaki trousers.

    – Substitute a hot chocolate for the coffee and I am SO with you.

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