In which I am definitely in my late twenties


I turned 29 last Friday in a lovely haze of bacon sandwiches, mini rocky roads and caramel chocolate rolls, gifts, cards, phone calls, sparkling wine and a delicious dinner.

(Oh, that dinner. It still has me drooling when I recall the pea and pecorino tart, the pommes Anna and the bitter chocolate ganache with salted caramel ice cream. If you find yourself in Stokes Croft of an evening, head to Zazu’s Kitchen. You will not regret it.)

As we’re trying to cut down buying gifts for the sake of it, S asked me if there was anything specific I wanted for my birthday, so I asked for a hoody as my favourite zip up one had reached the end of its life. He ended up buying me not one, but two. The first is from Superdry and is a beautiful colour, a sort of pinky red (coral? Am I on trend?). It’s also so soft, it’s akin to being cuddled by several fluffy kittens whilst being wrapped in a cashmere blanket. The second one came from a stand at the Bikefest the other week and is a really nice grey and striped design, made by a mountain bike clothing brand. I think his secret, subversive plan behind it is that if I have the gear, it may give me the idea. Nice try darling, but I think the most activity I’ll do in it is getting up to change the channel on the TV.

Saturday was spent nursing a mild hangover after over-consumption of wine and Baileys, and hanging out with good friend J, who is just back in the UK after fifteen months in Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia. We sat out on the deck in the beautiful sunshine, chewing the fat and catching up with months’ worth of news, with S supplying us with tea and food at appropriate intervals. We then headed out with another friend in the evening to sample the delights of strawberry pear cider at the Apple, thus re-igniting the hangover come Sunday. But by then it was raining buckets so I was content to snuggle on the couch in hoody #2 and watch back-to-back films whilst eating angel cake.

So I am most definitely in my late twenties now and am officially on the victory lap towards the big 3-0. I fully intend to make the most of this final year and have a few things I’d like to achieve – sort of one of these “thirty before I’m thirty” lists except mine only has seven items as I couldn’t come up with a full selection! My 28th was a brilliant year and so I’m excited to see where my 29th takes me. And wherever I go, I’ll have two lovely hoodies to wear.


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