In which there are a few things apropos of nothing much #2


We moved offices today and I have personally packed and unpacked over fifty boxes fuelled only by a cheese sandwich and a jam doughnut. Consequently I am now lying here on the sofa in a bit of a daze, unable to contemplate anything more taxing than choosing an episode of Gavin and Stacey to watch after I’ve finished writing this. This post is a tad rambling because I’ve got things I want to say but not the ability at the moment to say them in a more elegant manner.

So (in number form as it helps my tired brain):

1. Blanket stitch is now my bitch.

I bought a copy of a new craft magazine called Mollie Makes on Sunday, which contained a kit for an iPod cover. I’d never done blanket stitch before but that’s where I give thanks to the internet for easy to access tutorials. I don’t think I’ll buy the magazine again (there wasn’t really anything in there I couldn’t get from the blogs I read and the overuse of the word “vintage” did my head in) but I do like the fact that my iPod now has two covers to choose from. All those dilemmas it used to have where the red polka dots just didn’t cut it are now a thing of the past.

2. I want the sun to come back! I want to sit on the deck that we spent so much time building! (in the sunshine, OF COURSE.) The bank holiday weekend was passed under a blanket watching films as the weather was unbelievably rubbish. Rain, cold, rain and more rain. Thanks England. The only good thing was that the cold weather inspired me to make millionaire shortbread to cheer us up.

3. I don’t want to see any sausages or mince for a long time, after one of us (blame unable to be apportioned) (damn) left the freezer door open and all the food defrosted. It was a very full freezer, so we had a lot of meat and fish to get through in a short space of time. There was a period when we were eating smoked salmon with every meal (yum) but there were also a hell of a lot of sausages and burgers, bought in preparation for the barbecue season, to wade through. Oh yeah, and remember when I bought all the fish from the Indian supermarket with plans to turn them into a great curry? Unfortunately, when it came to actually having to cook them (rather than my usual trick of just opening the freezer door, looking at the mound of chital and then reaching for the haddock instead), I just couldn’t do it. Usually nothing raw phases me but there was something about the colour of these fish, once defrosted, that just made me feel rather odd. Then, to add insult to injury, S took one look at them and said he didn’t particularly want to eat anything created from them as they looked so rank (cheers darling). They ended up gracing our compost. Ah well.

4. And finally, my old school sent me an invitation to the following event:

I’m all for supporting the chapel appeal and hearing an alumnus talk about their experiences at the school but really? Jeffrey Archer? The ex politician sent to prison for four years for perjury and perverting the course of justice? I’ll pass, thanks.


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  1. Ooohh – me likey the iPod cover.

    Here in Oregon, the sun hasn’t arrived in the first place, let alone been able to go away. Last two years running, we’d had heat waves of (wait, gotta convert it to real money) 35 degrees by the end of May. Now I detest the heat, but it’s getting a little ridiculous. We haven’t even had 27 degrees yet in 2011!

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