In which I cheat on Bristol


I always thought that my heart was firmly given over to Bristol, but after visiting Brighton last weekend, I think I am in love…

From here

From here

From here

The last time I was in Brighton was over ten years ago for a day out with my mom, so it’s been quite a while, and is probably the reason why I had forgotten what a brilliant place it is. I was there for non-leisure purposes this time around, as the theatre company I work for (have I mentioned I work for a children’s theatre company? If I haven’t, I work for a children’s theatre company as a freelance administrator and tour booker) was opening its new show as part of the Brighton Festival.

It was a super busy three days, and most of my views of the city were seen whilst running from the venue to Maplins to the venue to a cafe to Argos to the venue again, and I was forced to be up before 8am on all three mornings in order to get things done. But delicious pho here, the buying of a new dress and necklace from the Lanes (crazy cat lady alert! They’re both feline-patterned!), and a walk on the pier as the sun was setting more than made up for it.  Best of all, after a decade of not visiting, I get to go back again in October for my friend’s hen do. When there will definitely be more cocktails and far fewer trips to electrical stores. Well, I hope so. Otherwise it’s going to be one bizarre farewell to single life.


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