In which there is a Royal Wedding and lots of bank holidays


After eleven days off it’s always hard to get up in the morning and go to work. The fact that these past eleven days have passed in a lovely haze of sunshine, cider, cake, camping, cream teas and gin made it even harder than normal.

We spent the first four days of our holiday in Cornwall. Now, a confession: despite living in Somerset for 13 years and Bristol for 6, I had never been to Cornwall before. Shocking, I know. Most people on hearing this would wince and shake their heads in disbelief when I owned up to this. Feel free to do the same.

But I can now hold my head up in pride as I’ve not only been to Cornwall but thoroughly explored several places. We camped by the sea in St Agnes, and also visited St Ives (beautiful), the Minack Theatre (one of the nicest venues I’ve ever seen) and the “lost” gardens of Heligan (stunning). I can understand now why people rave about Cornwall; I’ve never seen sea so blue in this country before, nor seen such beautiful juxtapositions of water and land. It was such a lovely four days: I had not one but two cream teas, ate freshly caught ling, read a big fat book from cover to cover and jumped for joy by the sea.

When we got back, Heligan had inspired S in the garden department and so he commenced with an ambitious plan to build a deck in the garden, which gives us more space and cover up some of the more dodgy brickwork left by the previous owner. So while he put his grand plan into action, fuelled by coffee and trips to Wickes, I was his “mortar water porter” (phrase coined by my dad), read Glamour alongside the cement mixing, presented food at regular intervals and then spent an entire day helping him hoist boards over the wall and screw them onto the joists.

And then, of course, Friday was the Royal Wedding. I never thought I would be fussed about watching it; I know I may work for a wedding magazine but I was a bit meh about the whole thing. But in the end the whole build up sucked me in and I got up early to watch it on the big BBC screen in Bristol’s Anchor Square with a friend, accompanied by gin & tonic and red velvet cupcakes. And I’m really, really glad I did: as other bloggers have said, the atmosphere was absolutely fantastic that day. In Anchor Square we oohed when we saw the dress, we joined in with the hymns, we cheered when they kissed the first time and even louder the second time, and there was an impromptu conga line at the end.

(If you want to read my thoughts on the wedding in general and Kate’s dress in particular you can here and here. Short version: it was a lovely happy day celebrating two people in love, and wow, she looked stunning.)

So now I am back at work, and despite having to haul myself out of bed this morning far too early it’s not been too bad. I have a marzipan chocolate bar stashed in my drawer to make the afternoon sweeter and I’m off to my book club this evening to drink wine and talk about this book (short version: very good).

How were your extended weekends/Royal Wedding experiences?


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