In which there are eleven days off for the price of three


Because of Easter and Bank Holidays and Royal Weddings, we finish work today and now have eleven days off by the simple act of booking three days of annual leave. (Thank you very much, William and Kate.) We are heading down to Cornwall over the Easter weekend, to a campsite next to the beach, where plans include reading books, drinking beer, riding a tandem and driving our tent-neighbours nuts by practising Scarborough Fair over and over on the ukulele.

There may then be a second camping trip to West Wales over the second Bank Holiday weekend, weather and desire to watch the wedding on TV pending. There will be barbecues. There will hopefully be Pimms. I can’t wait.

All we need to do is not forget the tent.


If you signed up for the Pay It Forward last month, keep an eye on the post as I sent the parcels off earlier this week. Fingers crossed they make it in one piece!


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  1. i am so excited about these days off. (even though my last day at work is next tuesday – which breaks up the fun i can have)

    Jealous about your trip to the sea. Where abouts in cornwall are you staying? i know an amazing campsite on the roseland – I spent my childhood summers there!

    And you’re going to post what you made right? I am so nosy I want to see. x

  2. Em – we’re going to St Agnes. I don’t know much about it but it looks lovely.

    And yes, I’ll post about the PIF next week and share how one of them was made (as it was super easy and fun to do). Hope your last day goes well!

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