In which there are some numbers


11: the hour at which there has been a reprieve and I still have a job, albeit a different role. It’s quite complicated (and boring) to go into but basically the wolf is away from the door, for now at least.

695: number of organisations successful in gaining National Portfolio Organisation funding by Arts Council England versus the 638 who were unsuccessful. Of these, 206 who previously had this funding have now lost it, and 110 new organisations have gained it. As someone who has worked for 4 ACE-supported organisations in my career, and had dealings with many others, it’s been interesting to see who got funding and who didn’t, and who, after years of support, have been cut completely. One company I used to work for was cut 100%. Another I still work for in a freelance capacity got its funding, plus an uplift. So it’s a mixed bag of emotions at the moment. The Twittersphere (is that even a word?) is going crazy right now.

22: articles and features I sub edited for the wedding magazine yesterday. If you want to know about summer 2011 wedding trends, I am your woman.

0: the number of teachers who remembered me when I went back to my old school on Saturday for a fundraising event (although 2 did remember my brother). To put this into context, though, I left this school when I was 13 after only 3 years, and teachers don’t tend to remember pupils in the lower years.

3: people at the event who, rather bizarrely and completely unexpectedly, said that they’d seen me in the wedding magazine. Fame at last! (At least in the West Country.)

2: bottles of wine (one pink fizz, one red) drunk by me and the lovely Miss W after the event whilst catching up and reminiscing in her mum’s house.

3: cups of tea and coffee I drank to try and combat my vicious wine-induced hangover the next day.

2.5: hours it took me to read our latest book club novel, Rupture by Simon Lelic, as I

27: approximately the number of  daffodils out in the garden, which are making everything much more spring-like and lovely. Roll on the sunshine!



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  1. That’s good news about the job for now. Our daffodils have come out in force and today is the first day of 2011 that I have the windows open. The air smells amazing. Spring is sprung!

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