In which there is yet another random video (but no monkeys this time)


A friend of mine sent me this a while ago and I just found it when cleaning out my inbox. Despite not being a Lord of the Rings fan I have sat through all the films – including the bum-numbing final one that NEVER SEEMED TO END – simply because no-one else in my family would go with my dad, who really loves his Tolkien. This video is much more my level of Middle Earth. I also really like Flight of the Conchords – I saw them live in Edinburgh in 2003 in a gig with Adam Hills and Daniel Kitson, which made it pretty much my dream line up, and was the reason why my stomach hurt from laughing.

So on a slightly grey Tuesday, here’s your dose of hobbits…


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  1. I have slept through the LOTR films numerous times. I just cannot get through an entire one without wanting to check out to blissful slumber during one of the interminable battle scenes. It’s only Orlando Bloom that keeps me even slightly interested.

  2. So true! Orlando was the only thing that kept me going as well through the walking and the battles and the yet more walking. He is one guy that really suits pointed ears.

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