In which monkeys in doll masks will be haunting my dreams for the next few weeks


I subscribe to the Popbitch email so every week on a Thursday a dose of pop culture and random links arrives in my inbox. I love Popbitch; as well as slightly salacious things about famous people it has a pleasing sense of whimsy and an obsession with baboons and badgers that I can totally relate to.

I made the mistake today, however, of clicking on a link which is now guaranteed to give me nightmares due to long held issues with clowns and dolls.

I can’t properly explain why clowns and dolls freak me out. It’s something about the smooth faces, not knowing what’s going on underneath the surface, the blank stare. When I worked for the circus school we used to get annual copies of The UK Clown Directory (yep, such a publication exists) which although was a source of rich amusement to me and my colleagues on slow afternoons, also used secretly to creep me out: page after page of clowns with painted on mouths and the hint of a murderous nature in their white rimmed eyes. I’ve never been able to watch IT because it’s centred around a clown.

As for dolls, they’re even worse. There was a Point Horror (anyone else read those as an impressionable teenager?) short story about a murderous china doll that haunted me for weeks when I read it as a 13 year old, and don’t even get me started on things like Chucky.

So you can imagine the nightmares this video is going to give me…


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