In which peppermint tea, sherry, coffee and gin all feature


Thanks for all the kind words on my last post, they were much appreciated. So far I am dealing with impending unemployment pretty well – the gin bottle’s level hasn’t gone down too much and I’ve applied for two jobs, which in my book means that I’m not doing badly, all things considered. A friend of mine suggested that if I can’t get anything then I use my time to start writing a Mills & Boon, so that’s my back up option.

So the weather is cold and the news hasn’t been that good and our bedroom, although nearly there, is still not finished. It’s at times like this that I turn to the small things to lift my mood (see above: gin). These are what I’m currently loving.

Pretty new things to wear

I made the scarf, which pleases me a lot. Unfortunately not in a really clever knitted or crocheted way; it was a kit my mother in law gave me for Christmas, where you weave wool into a pre-made grid. I made it between Christmas and New Year when I was barely leaving the sofa, so woven in with the threads are The Break Up (bad), Bill Bailey’s Tinselworm (good) and a BBC3 programme about Morecambe and Wise (I was forced into watching this by S).

I love Scrabble so this ring is perfect – made for me by a colleague after I admired hers.

Harvey’s Bristol Cream

Drinking it may make me Dot Cotton but god it’s nice.

Good books

Specifically, Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things which S gave me for Christmas. I love Gaiman’s books; he has an absolutely amazing way with words and his ideas are so original and startlingly clever. The only downside about reading his stories is that afterwards I think that there’s no point in even trying myself.


I recently realised I have a bit of a peppermint obsession.  See below for conclusive evidence on this. But it smells amazing, it goes so well with chocolate and it makes your lips tingle. Plus peppermint tea is the only herbal tea I actually like and can drink without gagging.

My bag that masquerades as a strawberry

It goes from this…

to this…

It’s really handy to keep in my work bag to put shopping in – thanks again to MIL for a great Christmas gift.

Our new coffee pot

So we can pretend we’re still on honeymoon in Italy, sipping Lavazza coffee on our sunny balcony.

What little things are getting you through the grey days of January?


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  1. Fresh blueberries. Seriously, they’re insane. Also skiing.

    And it’s been a helluva January. But what doesn’t kill you and all that, right?

    PS Not sure if you say that in England. We say, What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.

  2. Yep, it’s really soft and warm, although it moults like crazy so my coat looks like I live with a shedding purple and black cat.

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