In which there is a belated Christmas present


This weekend, a  lovely little parcel arrived from German friend and bridesmaid extraordinaire, B.

A lot of thought had gone into these presents, with each item selected for a specific reason.

The brownies are for the maple leaf because we lived together in Canada, and the card is because of my love of cats.  The slightly despairing expression on the cat’s face is brilliant, like it really couldn’t give a shit about the little girl with her over exuberant cuddles, but damn it, she’s going to keep squeezing it until it does.

The chocolate was for the picture of the squirrel, since I have a peculiar fascination with the German word for squirrel (eichhornchen, it just sounds so lovely!).  It’s also Slovenian chocolate, which makes it even more exciting.

This is a little case for holding pocket tissues – taschentuecher – as it’s a long standing joke between us that B always has tissues on her, and I always need them.  I was also very pleased that my fledgling German enabled me to translate the label on it as “little shop”.

It was a most welcome treat in the middle of this weekend’s nightmare mash-up of polystyrene wallpaper and lining paper, with the brownies reviving our flagging spirits when it was all going wrong and we were rapidly losing the will to live.   Chocolate, cats and cute florals – what more could a weary female DIYer want?




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  1. Oh those are lovely thoughtful gifts, and the picture on the card totally cracked me up. Our Christmas presents from D’s parents in Bristol (posted on 9 Dec – darn snow!!) just arrived on Saturday, and to be honest I was way more excited to get a late taste of Christmas than I would have been if they were on time.

  2. Nothing nicer than late Christmas presents. I love the tissue holder in particular. I was trying to think of something I could make as a going away present for a friend who’s going to live in New Zealand and I think that this might be it (not because you need lots of tissues in NZ, but I think it should be relatively simple to sew one.) Love your blog by the way, and thanks for giving mine a mention! x

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