In which there is the big reveal


Thank you for the contributions to my shoe survey.  You’ve all made me feel a lot better, as between your totals and those from other friends I asked, the average number of shoes a woman seems to have is 30, and my total is…

…drumroll please…


Amongst the usual suspects of boots and trainers, this total also includes some quite specialist pairs such as climbing shoes and jazz shoes and snow boots, plus useful footwear like slippers and running shoes.  And it includes my two pairs of wedding shoes.  So I am reassured that all of them are, in fact, totally necessary and I am not Bristol’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw.  S may disagree, especially concerning the seven pairs of ballet flats and seven pairs of boots, but you’ve got to be able to co-ordinate with outfits, haven’t you?

(I’m conscious that I’m probably losing the non footwear-loving readers at this point with my frivolous numbers of shoes, so I shall stop now.)

The good news is that all of these pairs fit very comfortably into my new wardrobe space, and I won’t need to convert the spare room into a walk in shoe closet.  Which is handy, as the spare room is already suffering from an identity crisis, being as it’s S’ bike room and my office as well as its primary function as  a sleeping space.

With my new wardrobe finished, the work on our bedroom continues apace.  A paint colour for the walls has been chosen, a wallpaper is being decided on, and I discovered a gloss paint that is water soluble, which made me very happy as I hate using white spirit to clean brushes.  The best news is that we’ve managed to get this far and only had two arguments, pretty good going for a couple in the midst of DIY.  Mind you, this weekend involves paste and lining paper, so ask me again on Monday…



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  1. I do hope that S understands the validity and validation that the poll provided and lets the matter rest! I’m looking forward to pictures when this particular project is complete. That way I can enjoy your success vicariously as our own projects languish. Good luck, and may matrimonial peace pervade the process!

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