Reverb 10, day 23 – new name


December 23new name

Let’s meet again, for the first time.  If you could introduce yourself to strangers by another name for just one day, what would it be and why?

I do have another name now – and it’s been weird introducing myself with it, as well as having people use it on the phone, and seeing it written on letters and envelopes.  I have these moments where I see my new name – especially when I log into Facebook – and I think, who is she?  Your name is such a intrinsic part of your identity, and to lose that after 28 years and adopt a completely different moniker is rather strange.

The feminist in me wasn’t happy about having to relinquish my surname, but I do like the fact that S and I now share one; it makes us into a little family.  I’m keeping my maiden name for work, though, so it’s not completely gone, and it’s good to have a separation between my work and personal life.  And at least S’ surname is a decent one; if he’d been something like Higginbottom we would have had to have words.  His surname has a literary connection as well, just like my maiden name, which appeals to my inner English student: I’ve gone from being named after a Dickens’ character to a famous 17th century playwright.

Kudos to my parents, as I really like my first name and I’ve never hankered after another one.  I like the fact that it was partly inspired by Helen Burns from Jane Eyre (my mother’s favourite novel), as being named after a rebellious consumptive in a Victorian novel also really appeals to the literature geek in me.


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  1. I have a friend who had the perfectly reasonable surname of Pienovi. Then she married D. Onion.

    Right up until the day she got married, she swore she couldn’t bear to take his name. But she eventually caved to his desire to share a name, and now they have a plaque on their front door that proudly proclaims them “The Onions.”

    I’m pleased you have a new name you like.

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