Reverb 10, day 22 – travel


December 22Travel

How did you travel in 2010?  How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

2010 was definitely a year of travel.  Over six holidays I visited Hong Kong, Thailand, Germany, Austria, France and Italy.  Two of these countries were places I hadn’t been before; two holidays were without S, which did make him slightly jealous, but eh,  if someone offers you the chance to see the cobbled streets of Salzburg or the temples of Thailand, what can you do?

The strongest memories from all of them are of the food; from pad Thai to chocolate pretzels, topfenstrudel to duck a l’orange, melanzane al funghetto to laksa, I love to try new dishes on holiday.  Eating my way through a country’s cuisine is the highlight of a visit.

All bar one of these trips involved getting there by plane, so unfortunately my annual carbon footprint is absolutely huge.  For any travel I/we do next year I hope to avoid flying where possible.  Maybe another epic journey across Europe by train?


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