Reverb 10, day 11 – 11 things


December 1111 things

What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

1. Being indecisive.  S and I are both guilty of deferring to each other/other people at times, and so we’re making a conscious effort to stop this.

2. Clutter.  We’ve been paring down our possessions over the last year – well, to be fair, it’s mostly me as I am a complete pack rat – but there’s still some way to go.  I really don’t want to accumulate any more unnecessary stuff, so I’m trying to encourage friends & family to give us disposable (i.e. food and drink) or “experience” gifts, rather than tangible objects, and making sure that anything I do buy is necessary.  I always feel calmer when everything is tidy and organised, and there isn’t just  an ocean of things everywhere.

3. Regret.  Life really is too short, and I need to stop beating myself up over little things that I couldn’t control in the first place.

4. Unemployment!  My 3 day a week role is due to end in March so I need to take steps to ensure that I get something lined up asap: there is nothing more disheartening than being unemployed.

5. Reticence.  If I’m going to make a go of the freelance stuff, I need to start pushing myself forward more.

6. Boring clothes.  I’ve got some items that I continue to wear out of sheer habit, and not because I actually like them. I want to make my wardrobe more reflective of me, and try new things.

7. Worrying that time is slipping away.  I need to concentrate more on appreciating the here and now, and how good it is, rather than focussing on what could be happening.

8. Fear.  Not in every day decisions, but in things like trapeze.  I want to stop being scared of new moves and just do them.  I tend to doubt my ability but most of the time, when I do screw up my courage to the sticking point, I’m pleasantly surprised.

9. Not playing the piano enough.  I am lucky to have a piano in my dining room so I need to start using it more.  So what if I’m not as good as I used to be?

10. Not flossing.  I didn’t put up with adult braces for my teeth to then fall out due to decay.  (Actually, I am regularly praised by my dentist for my brushing skills, but I really could do with flossing as well just to make sure.)

11. Bicycles in my house.  Never going to happen though.



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  1. Great list, Helen. Good luck letting go of these things. (It seems you are well on your way with the trapeze moves.) And definitely do floss… present dental adventures not withstanding, it really did revolutionize my dental health.

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