In which there is not yet a lot of Christmas cheer


It’s already December 14th, only 11 days away from Christmas, but for some reason I just don’t feel that festive yet.  I’ve tried, don’t get me wrong.  We put up the tree and decorated the house on Sunday.  We’ve eaten mince pies.  I’ve heard Wizzard and Slade and Wham! I even had a Starbucks seasonal drink in London on Friday (peppermint mocha, mmm).  Yet, for some reason, I’m just not channelling the Christmas spirit.   Maybe I need to start channelling the Christmas spirits of sherry and Bailey’s…



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  1. What a shame you aren’t feeling Christmas yet. D and I started this tradition of “12 days of Christmas” treats. Each day starting on the 13th, when we put up our tree, we open a little paper bag with a sticker and the number of days left ’til Christmas marked on it, and we get to enjoy a little treat. Tonight is peanut brittle.

    Happy Christmas to you!

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