Reverb 10, day 4 – wonder


December 4Wonder.

How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

For me, it has to be gardening.

I’ve written before about my new love affair with all things green, and how surprised I was to join the ranks of people prepared to be outside in all weathers, digging and weeding and watering.

There’s nothing better than planting a tiny, wizened brown seed, only to find in three months’ time that it’s a leafy plant providing food to eat.  I love the fact that if you put a bulb in the earth in Winter, by Spring it will be a mass of beautiful flowers.  I still find it amazing that if you prune back a bush in February, come June it will be flourishing even more than before – it defies logic in so many ways, but it’s true.

My garden is a continual source of wonder, and the more knowledge I accrue and the more time I spend learning plants’ secrets, the more wonderous it will become.


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