In which my wardrobe shrinks, my muscles ache and it snows yet again


Gosh, it feels like ages since I wrote anything here.  Not that I’ve been too busy, so what reason can I give?  Oh yes, the snow.  In typical British fashion I shall blame the snow for everything.  I can’t believe it’s only November and we’ve already had a few days of the white stuff; there was even snow falling in Portsmouth when we visited my parents this weekend, which is almost unheard of next to the sea.  And the temperatures!  It hit -6 here in Bristol yesterday, which is verging into proper Canadian winter territory – I shall have to resurrect my Mountain Equipment Co-op thermal long johns if this continues.

Apart from freezing, I have been:

– Going to my first trapeze class in three months, which came as somewhat of a rude shock to my body.  My muscles screamed protests at me for two days afterwards, not happy about being asked to work after so many weeks of sloth and wine and chocolate.  We have a Christmas show coming up in three weeks so I not only need to get into shape but also need to put together a decent routine.  I’m using Doris Day’s Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps which at least has the advantage of only being 2 and a half minutes… let’s hope I can last that long!

– Going climbing for the first time after a similar break.  Hmm, maybe doing both of these in the same week wasn’t such a good idea?

– Cleaning out my wardrobe and organising a swishing party with friends so I can pass on some of the clothes that I think are still really nice but that I simply don’t wear anymore.  I don’t know if it’s because of wanting to mark a changed marital status, but I’ve got a lot of urges at the moment to sort and clean and organise, throw out the old and bring in the new.  We’ve decided to put back our bedroom re-decoration until the new year, mostly because we don’t have enough time before Christmas to do it properly, so a tidier wardrobe and an organised bookshelf will have to be enough for now.

– Watching the new series of Misfits, which is excellent and which I urge everyone to see if they haven’t already.

– Creating our wedding album in Blurb, copies of which are going to be the easiest (albeit the most narcissistic) Christmas gift ever for our families.

– Starting paid work for the publishing house and getting to see my first articles appear in print, which made me very, very happy.  As well as doing some regular proofreading across three titles, I’ve also been asked to write a piece about the DIY elements of our wedding for the Spring issue of the wedding magazine, and will also be taking part in a bridal photo shoot on the ss Great Britain next week.  If the weather is like it is today, though, I pity the poor model in a low-cut wedding dress.  Perhaps I should lend her my thermals.


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  1. Ooh Misfits, everybody seems to be talking about that at the moment, I must order it and see what I’ve been missing out on! Enjoy all the cleaning and tidying, everything is so much nicer when it’s all done and dusted!

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