In which there is our wedding in numbers


Guests in attendance: 77

International guests: 8 (4 German, 3 Canadian, 1 from Spain)

Bouquets made by bride, ably assisted in ribbon wrapping by groom: 3

Bouquets made completely of fake flowers, due to bride’s allergies: 3

People fooled by said bouquets into thinking they were real flowers: at least 4

Pairs of pink shoes worn by the bride: 2 – 1 heeled to match groom’s height, 1 flat for dancing

Colours of bridegroom’s socks: 2 – 1 red, 1 yellow (for reasons only known to attendees of the stag do)

Metres of bunting made by groom’s mother and used to decorate the gazebo: 10

Readings: 1 – I Carry Your Heart, ee cummings

Buttons added to the back of the wedding dress because of the bride’s love of buttoned wedding gowns: 13

Feathers in bride’s headpiece and shrug: hundreds

Teacups turned into candles and used to decorate the conservatory: 32

Tables at dinner, named after the bride and groom’s favourite books: 9

Lanterns used as centrepieces and customised with pages and illustrations from said books: 10 (one spare so Right Ho Jeeves – one of the groom’s choices – was not used)

Sheets of vellum required to do this: 25

Ideas of what to do with the lanterns now: none so far

Speeches: 4 – father of the bride, bridesmaid, bride and groom (inclusion of bride caused issues for bets placed on speeches’ length) and best man

People “who got something in their eye” during the speeches: at least 5

Fingers lost after cake cutting using samurai sword: none, thank god

Bottles of wine consumed: too many to count!


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  1. Katie – wow, what a coincidence! I’m pretty sure we’ve never met (although I do regularly come to the hospital where you work). It’s such a small world – and there’s definitely less than six degrees of separation!

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