In which there are reasons I know that I am marrying the right man


Today is the one year anniversary of S’ proposal in the roof top pool of  the hotel in Barcelona.  I can’t believe it’s already been a year; the last twelve months have simply flashed by, what with braces and new jobs and the small matter of planning a wedding.  With “I do” only three days away, I may not be sure about the weather or the dessert we’ve picked or whether my birdcage veil will sit right, but the one thing I am absolutely rock solid on is that I’ve got the right man.  And these are  some of the reasons…

He undertook – without being asked! – the long and tedious task of copying all my CDs onto iTunes for me so I could then transfer them to my new iPod.

He’ll always give me a massive hug when I’ve had a rubbish day.

He makes an amazing vegetarian lasagne.  And when he wants to cook something new, such as bread or pasties, he’ll make it over and over again until he’s got the recipe perfect.

If I need a lift anywhere or picking up after a night out, he will always volunteer.

He offers spontaneous foot massages.

Even when I’m grumpy with him, he’ll keep his temper.

He’s very good about accompanying me to family events – dinners, christenings – and saying the right things.  He’s incredibly easy to get on with.

He buys excellent Christmas and birthday gifts, and is brilliant at organising special events.

He will complement my hair or how I’m looking at random times, such as when I’m on the couch, or sitting in bed reading a book, or drinking a cup of coffee.  This means more to me than when I’m dolled up for a night out.  He also will tell the truth – if he thinks I look good, he’ll say, but if he doesn’t think that top goes with that skirt, he’ll let me know (but in a nice way).

He often breaks into random songs, when he’s cooking, or sitting on the couch, which always makes me smile.

He has amazing taste in women’s clothes: let him loose in a branch of H&M and he will pick out a great outfit, often with things I wouldn’t normally consider but that look great.

He sent me a picture of a baby badger he’d found on the internet the other day, because he knew it would make me smile.


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  1. This is the best list.
    You are going to have the most amazing weekend. x

    {p.s hope you get a chance afterwards to post about your DIY projects and how they fitted in to the special day!}

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