In which I explain my post of a few weeks ago


So that news I mentioned receiving a while ago, that had me on the horns of a dilemma?  Well,  it was very happy news: one of my closest friends, Z, announced her engagement, and asked us if we could make it out to Sydney for the wedding.  The big problem is that it’s happening on 13th November, which is only two weeks after we get back from honeymoon.  I could swing about 10 days’ leave, but S has none left and wouldn’t be able to come with me.  He was amazing; he said that even though he can’t go, I was more than welcome to go.  Unfortunately there is also the issue of a  lack of resources; that combined with such a short amount of holiday available to me means that, despite lots of creative thinking about ways and means, I just can’t pull it off to be there with her on the day.

As well as getting married, Z is also having a baby next Spring.  She is the first of my close friends to embark on this, and it was this part of the news that really knocked me for six.  I knew that  my friends would start down this path some time, but it just really made me realise how grown up we all are now, despite me thinking we’re still about 21, and how nights out and drinks in the park and girly holidays in Thailand are not going to be as easy to arrange as they once were.  And  whilst Z’s baby is absolutely lovely news and I can’t wait to meet her little one, this is where the other problem lies: she was going to be  one of my bridesmaids next week but is now not able to fly back from Australia due to the pregnancy.

I won’t lie, it’s been a bit of an emotional time.  I’ve known Z since I was 13 when we met at school; we went to the same university and lived together for 2 years; we then both ended up in Bristol.  She’s one of my best friends and I was really looking forward to having her stand up there with me on our big day, and I always thought that I would be there for her in the same way.  The fact that neither of these are now possible does make me sad.

But the show must go on.  I’ve had a while now to get used to the idea that she won’t be there with us on the day.  I take joy in planning a trip out to Australia sometime after the baby is born so I can meet her little family.  Through the magic of technology and the internet we will be able to share photos and videos of our weddings with each other afterwards.  I will be there on her wedding day in spirit – as I am sure she will be on ours – and share her joy across the sea, even if I can’t physically be present.

So here’s to you, Z, your fiance, and your baby-to-be.  I’m going to miss my bestest girl very much, but we will be thinking of you next Saturday and will drink a toast to your new adventure.


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  1. Oh heavens! Almost this exact thing happened to my friend and it was agonizing. I know it’s a disappointment but all weddings will have a fair amount of things that go wrong.

    I say, get all the setbacks out of the way in advance, when there’s still time to deal with them.

  2. That’s rubbish that she won’t be able to get to the wedding, or you hers. But as you said I am sure there will be a thousand pictures that show you both the whole course of the day!

    But how exciting that she is having a little bambino! I bet you can not wait to meet it. x

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