In which I am the oldest intern ever, and finally get to try on my wedding dress


I’ve spent the past two weeks on work experience with a local publishing company, and apart from  having to cope with being the oldest intern they’ve had for quite some time, it’s been a lot of fun.  I’ve written several pieces that will be published across three magazines next month, including extolling the virtues of the vintage look for bridal hair and make up, detailing how you can train to be an Early Years professional, and reviewing a play after scoring an excellent press stalls seat at the Old Vic.  I also got to (tenuously!) add “stylist” to my CV as I took part in a wedding photo shoot at a beautiful country house, where I dressed the model, selected her shoes and spent the day adjusting her train so it fanned out just so.  Fingers crossed, I may even be reviewing a spa on Monday… I love work experience!


I’m starting to get butterflies in my stomach every time I think about Saturday 9th October.  After our wedding being just a date for a long time, now it’s so close that I can almost taste the champagne and hear the speeches.  Everything is pretty much sorted, and after a nerve wracking few weeks where I was the bridal shop’s most persistent caller, my dress finally turned up (four weeks late) last Friday and I had my first fitting last night.  The upside is that I still like it after last trying it on five months ago; the downside is that it’s a wee bit snug on the back, but the seamstress is doing her best to let it out an inch or two which will at least allow me to sit down without my ribs cracking.  The dress has been the only thing I’ve really been fretting about, however, and I’m hoping that the next two and half weeks run as smoothly and all the little last minute details get sorted in plenty of time.

I’m also getting excited about the impending arrival of friends and family, some of whom I haven’t see in person for months, or even years.  Emails are starting to hit my inbox detailing their travel plans, and asking advice about hotels and dresses and what shoes to wear.  I’m so humbled that people are going to such amazing lengths to come and celebrate with us: as well as local people we have guests from Birmingham, London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Harrogate; further afield they’re coming from Barcelona, Berlin, Munich and Ottawa.  There’s so much love and well wishes starting to surround us – I just can’t wait to have everyone I care about in one place.  That’s one of the most important things about the day to me; yes, I want to look good and for my hair to behave and for my dress to fit as well as it can, but as long as there are people there to watch us make our commitment to each other, and afterwards toast us and eat our wedding cake, then I shall be very, very happy.


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